The park of the history of Sula – Rubezhevichi

Park-Museum “Sula” – is an elite center of cultural and social life of the XVIII century. The restored mansion of the Lenskyh family is a place, where you can not only relax, but also interactively get acquainted with the history of the Belarusian lands from the times of pagan beliefs, the era of medieval chivalry, to the times of balls and salons of the XVIII – XIX centuries. Here the past meets with the present, the measured life of an old noble manor and the convenience of a modern tourist center

Gathering of group
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Rubezhevichi – a place known from the XIII-XIV centuries. During the period of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 16th century, not far from this place was the border of the principality – from Brest through Minsk, Novogrudok to the Dvina and Pskov possessions. Hence the name – ” milestone”. Later, alongside the Rubezhevichi, another border ran through – Polish-Soviet, which persisted until 1939. Currently, the agro-town of Rubezhevichi is rich in man-made historical monuments: it is the Jewish cemetery restored by students of the College of Siena (New York, USA) under the direction of Dr. Michael Lozman in 2008, and the burial of the victims of the Nazi invaders (360 Jews were taken to forest belt and brutally killed) – “Way of Sorrow”.  Also, the local pharmacy, which specializes in herbal preparations, gained wide popularity. This is a family business, which has existed for more than one generation.

Catholic church of St. Joseph in Rubezhevichi
Catholic church of St. Joseph – a dream of the petty bourgeois Antony Tour, that came true. In the nineteenth century, he dreamed of erecting a church in Rubezhevichi at any price: he visited the King three times in Petersburg and asked for building permit. Having received no approval, he installed a stone on one of the hills with the words that it was here that the temple would be built. For such a trick, Antony and his family were exiled for seven years to Siberia. He returned with a building permit, the gorgeous and majestic result of which you will see during the tour. And the “stone of the Tour” is still at the front entrance to the church of St. Joseph, recalling the events of antiquity.
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The park of the history of Sula
In the Park-Museum of Interactive History “Sula” you will be offered an introduction to the lifestyle of the «Pansky Courtyard», the work of masters recreating the old technologies in action. You will pass the road of the Belarusian history with a length of 10,000 years. A solemn meeting accompanied by musicians and equestrian escort will immerse you in the history of Belarus: Slavic beliefs, secrets and messages of megalithic constructions, cults, rites and traditions of our pagan ancestors, participation in the ancient Slavic rite of purification by fire / burning. In the weapons smithy, the most neat and skillful can forge an amulet of happiness, split a stone for the construction of a castle. And what about leisure in the XVIII century? Saber fight, a demonstration of nobles’ fun and traditions, master classes on old-world noble dances, tasting of the branded drink – “Starka” are waiting for you. The interactive program is a fascinating and exciting way to get acquainted with the history and traditions of the past centuries.
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At the end of the program, you can have free time for walking alone around the «Maentak».

‘Attention! The company reserves the right to make changes to the tour program without reducing the total volume and quality of services: adjusting the time of visits to the facilities and providing lunches in restaurants and cafes along the route, depending on their workload.

The price is 30 euro per person.