Forum partner - Haberman Ilett.

Forum partner - Haberman Ilett.

Today we are glad to acquaint you with our Forum partner - Haberman Ilett.

Haberman Ilett provides exclusively accounting expert witness and related services in UK and international litigation, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution.  Founded in September 2013, we are the largest independent firm of our type in the UK. In June 2018 we opened an office in Paris to enhance the support we provide to our clients in Continental Europe.

The firm is made up of eight partners and a total of 39 specialists working on cases where the damages claimed range from USD 10 million to more than USD 10 billion.  Among the firm’s staff there are eight Russian speakers, which makes the communication with clients from Russia and CIS more efficient.

At that early stage (when a dispute first arises), we can provide an objective and independent early assessment of loss, so that our clients can plan their approach to the dispute more confidently.

In the context of formal proceedings, whether they are in courts or before an international arbitration tribunal, we provide expert evidence in three broad areas:

  • The quantification of damages, whether as specific losses or through a business valuation;
  • Financial issues that are relevant to liability and causation; and
  • Providing an objective interpretation and understanding of relevant financial and accounting matters.

Our services are not limited to the parties involved in a dispute: we also accept appointments to tribunals, as arbitrator or as tribunal expert.  And we provide alternative dispute resolution services, as expert determiner or as mediator.