Lidings law firm!

Lidings law firm!

Dear colleagues, the next partner of EEDRF-2017 we want to present is Lidings law firm.

Lidings is a leading independent national law firm advising Russian and international companies with different industrial background on all legislative aspects of doing business in Russia and CIS.

The firm advises market leaders, international investors, representatives of medium and large global businesses interested in entering the Russian and CIS market and in actively implementing a variety of business and commercial projects in Russia.

Lidings lawyers are highly skilled, multilingual legal experts who hold degrees from the best legal institutions in Russia and abroad. Their expert knowledge of Russian legislation and of the intricacies of Russia’s unique business culture has built up Lidings reputation as one of the top law firms in the nation.

Lidings is a member of a number of leading professional associations and networks of independent law firms giving their clients direct access to legal experts in almost every jurisdiction in the world: International Lawyers Network, Global Business Lawyer Alliance, Russian-German Chamber of Foreign Trade, The European Criminal Bar Association, British Russian Law Association and Biolegis (Network of lawyers in Life Sciences).

For over ten years, Lidings has been a leader in all industry sectors and major areas of law, boasting an expert knowledge of regulatory framework. Their reputation for excellent client service is a key factor in the Firm’s success and the reason for its impeccable reputation in the Russian market.

The leading Russian and international ratings recommend Lidings in the key fields of practice, noting expert specialization as the legal consultant of foreign business in Russia. The firm has deserved recognition of professional community and has been awarded numerous awards.