our insurance partner – Belrosstrakh Insurance Company

our insurance partner – Belrosstrakh Insurance Company

The Eastern European Dispute Resolution Forum continues to provide information about its partners!

Meet our insurance partner – Belrosstrakh Insurance Company. It is ready to insure all those who wish right during the Forum!

You probably won’t believe: our insurance partner is able to insure your company even against loss of a judicial case!

It’s a joke. Belrosstrakh actually offers a wide range of services both for individuals and legal persons: from accident insurance to liability insurance of customs warehouse owners.

Today it’s a nonsense to run business without insurance support. If a client of your law firm haven’t seen about a reliable insurance partner, you should definitely recommend him a reliable company. Such as Belrosstrakh Insurance Company www.brs.by

‪The full link of Forum partners is available by link: en.eedrf.com/partners/

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